Eyeglasses Trend 2022

Eyeglasses Trend 2022

Eyeglasses trend 2022

Eyeglasses trend 2022: the must have styles to invest this season . Our guide will give you a stylish outlook when it comes to prescription spectacles.Vivici offers something for every face shape and budget. The one trend you may not have thought about, optical styles also go through trend cycles and as designer frames grow in popularity.There are 10 eyeglasses trends 2022 to consider if you're in the market for a frames update this season : 

1-Claasic cat-eyes

2-Thick rim dark frames glasses 

3-Wire frame glasses 

4-Clear & Pastel colored acetate frames 

5-Vintage style aviators 

6-Round Frames 

7-Colorful frames 

8-Oversized frames 

9-Tortoiseshell frames 

10-Wooden frames 


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