Online Prescription Glasses Customization
1. choose a frame &
select lenses

When you choose a frame, we need to customize a lenses for you upon your Rx-Prescription


You will be directed to our OPGC

(Online Prescription & Glasses Customization)

2. Prescription
Choose & Enter

You will be asked to choose prescription type

A. Single vision

B. Progressive

When you choose prescription type from the left image you will be sent to fill out your prescription parameters. You can always ask your Doctor or your Optimetrist for your Rx-Perscription.

3. Online Prescription
OPGC - made easy

Our online Perscription made easy to enter your parameters, You will be asked to fill your:

1. Right & Left SPH: Sphere

2. Right & Left CYL: Cylinder

3. Right & Left AXIS

4. Your PD: Pupillary Distance

blu-shieldz® faq's

Absolutely. Kids today are spending more time online than in the past due to more emphasis on online classes and assignments. Also, since their eyes are much more delicate than adults, they are more prone to CVS. Which is why, Blue Light Blocker/Blue Cut Eyeglasses are a must for children.

Yes. As even though we might work on laptops and computers only during fixed hours, we keep checking pop ups and notifications on our smartphones every once. Smartphone too emit blue light – and so, here’s another reason to keep these glasses on your eyes.

Yes. Even little hours can affect our vision in the long run. Also, laptops or digital devices are not the only source of bad blue light. Sunlight is the main source followed by many LED-based light bulbs, televisions etc. can also affect our vision. So, wearing anti-blue glasses is a wise choice to keep eyes protected.

No. Blue light helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle so it’s not completely harmful. In fact, we do need certain amount of blue light in a regulated manner to stay alert & focus better. We, however, have to limit its absorption and prevent over exposure. With such technological advancements that we are encircled with today, it becomes quite a challenge to maintain the balance. This is where Blue light blocker lenses come into play.

Yes. Along with wearing your blue light glasses, you can adjust screen brightness, stay hydrated and practice 20-20-20 rule for better vision acuity.

A slight amber/yellow tint on the lenses is completely normal. Since blue light blocking lenses absorb high energy Blue Light, a slight yellowish tint develops on the lenses over time.

Don’t worry. This will not affect the efficiency of the lenses at all, rather, it is considered a great sign that your glasses are actually working.