If you already have eyewear to help with one viewing distance but are starting to struggle with up close vision especially when reading, you may have Presbyopia , a gradual, natural condition within the eye that reduces its ability to focus on near objects.There are various eyewear options for correcting presbyopia, one of which is Bifocal lenses. Bifocals are two-part lenses, with distance vision in the top of the lens and close-up vision in the bottom of the lens. However, bifocal lenses have a visible line that is distracting from both sides and wearers also experience an “image jump” when moving between viewing distances. While bifocal lenses correct for near and distance viewing, they do not provide a mid-range viewing area.

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  • johnathan

    When running your finger nail over the outside of the lens, can you feel or perceive the other crystal (for the close reading prescription), or it is “fused” with the long distance one?
    Could you please educate me on this?
    Thank you very much.


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